Doja Cat Plans to Release a Gospel Album Hoping Her Fans Forgive Her

Los Angeles, LA — Rapper Doja Cat has been in a lot of hot water with black people this week over past comments she’s made while engaging in online forums & also due to a song she made called “Dindu Nuffin”.

As a result, people all over Twitter have been calling for her to be canceled & proclaiming that she’s anti-black. Doja Cat recently released a statement issuing an apology & asking for her fans to forgive her…

A member from the Doja Cat team also stated that Doja Cat plans to release a Southern rap gospel album hoping that her connecting with the Lord will show she’s truly a changed person until the next viral story comes along & people forget about this story featuring her. We’re also told she plans on traveling to Africa to drop off bags of rice to prove that she really loves black people.

Straight Facts B...sort of
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