YSL Rapper Gunna Plans to Release New Album Titled “I’M GUNNA TELL” After Being Released from Jail

Atlanta, GA — Atlanta rapper Gunna who is affiliated with Atlanta rapper Young Thug and the YSL (Young Slime Life) Records (possible gang) was recently released from jail after pleading guilty to a RICO charge that had him facing possibly a long ass time in jail.

Gunna was seen leaving an Atlanta jail earlier this week with an IG-looking chick with a BBL and jumping into an expensive car. Upon Gunna’s release, representatives for the rapper stated that Gunna plans to go to the recording studio to work on his newest project titled “I’m Gunna Tell”.

When asked about what the overall theme of the album would be, the rep stated that the “I’m Gunna Tell” album is going to focus on his life during the year 2022 in regards to all of the time he spent locked up in jail, the numerous shows & money he missed, but more importantly it’s going to focus on his deep methodical plan for how he planned to be released from prison. This album is going to paint the picture of what’s it’s like to be a real nicca facing decades behind prison and exactly what would a real nicca do to gain his freedom. So “I’m Gunna Tell” is going to layout the blueprint for success if any young black man finds himself in a similar situation.

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