Black People Swear They are Moving If Trump Wins, Even Tho They Didn’t Move Last Time

Washington, DC — Tonight is election night to see if Donald Trump will remain the President of the United States or if Joe Biden will replace him. Depending on if Donald Trump wins the election, black people across the country are promising (again) to move out of the country if Trump wins.

Four years ago when Donald Trump won the 2016 election, black people across the country were promising to move to Canada, Mexico, Europe, & Africa to escape living under a Trump administration. Four years later, none of these black people have moved, yet they are promising to move for real for real this time if Trump wins.

Ju’Leesha Jenkins stated, “I know I said that last time I was moving, but I’m serious this time. I’m moving all the way the hell up out here. I’m moving to China. I can’t be living here while he’s still President!”

D’Marco Washington stated, “I’m moving to Hawaii! I refuse to live in a country where Donald Trump is the President for another 4 years!”

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