Kevin Samuels Ghost Seen Haunting Single Mothers Who are Still Destined to Die Alone

Atlanta, GA — Recently, the controversial self-proclaimed relationship guru by the name of Kevin Samuels passed away in Atlanta from what many believe to be a heart attack. In response to his unfortunate passing, many black women have taken to social media to celebrate his death as a sign of relief that he will no longer make videos checking black women about their dating & mating expectations.

Lately, a number of reports have been circulating stating that single black women over the age of 35 and single black mothers have been experiencing night terrors to where they are waking up in cold sweats with the ghost of Kevin Samuels hovering over them to remind them that they are leftovers who are still destined to die alone.

Pamela Miller of Atlanta stated, “When Kevin passed I felt so excited because I knew this man wouldn’t be around to tell me I’m just some left overs that a man who is 6 feet tall, with 6 pack abs, and makes 6 figures wouldn’t want. But lately, I’ve been waking up in the middle night to the sounds of ‘Money World’ and I swear I see what appears to be Kevin Samuels ghost drinking a Red Bull staring at me telling me that no matter how much I celebrate, I’m still average at best. I think I may be going crazy!”

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