Derrick Jaxn Challenges Kevin Samuels to a “Verzuz” Battle to Decide Who’s the King of Taking Black Women’s Money

Atlanta, GA — Social media relationship guru Derrick Jaxn has reportedly challenged up & coming social media relationship guru Kevin Samuels to a “Verzuz” battle to see who can will wear the crown of being the top social media relationship guru.

We’re told by sources close to Derrick Jaxn that Derrick doesn’t appreciate Kevin Samuels coming through and stealing his spotlight. Derrick feels that Kevin is trying to take over his cash cow of making hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars off of giving black women relationship advice that hardly any of these black women are going to actually put into effect to find a real meaningful relationship. We’re told that Derrick Jaxn believes there is only room for brotha to give these women a never ending diet of false hope and that one brotha is Derrick Jaxn.

On the other hand, sources close to Kevin Samuels have stated that Kevin is ready to go to war. We’re told Kevin has already went to pick out a new suit, bought some brand new Gucci loafer kitten heels, he’s stocked up on fresh scented candles from Yankee Candle, & he has some brand new curly straws to sip Red Bull.

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