Brother Polight Vows to Be Pro-Black Again If Black People Pretend He Isn’t Accused of Sexually Abusing a Teen

Miami, FL — Popular motivational speaker by the name of Brother Polight has recently been accused of sexually assaulting a 14 year old teenage girl at a hotel in Miami, FL back in February.

Brother Polight is a very popular member of what is known as the Conscious Community, which is a sector of black society that believes in 3rd eyes, wearing ankhs, & yelling at random white people on the street about black people being the true Hebrew Israelites.

Due to the sexual allegations against a 14 year old teen coming to surface, Brother Polight is being given the R. Kelly treatment by the conscious community, pro-blacks, and black society in general. But due to Brother Polight’s fame, he is determined to not have the conscious community give up on him because if they do, he won’t be able to afford a good white lawyer to fight his case and all of his white women who wear dashikis will probably leave him for another high value hotep like Young Pharoah.

In an effort to not lose his standing in the conscious community, members of his camp are stating that Brother Polight is promising to give up the white women & start going extra pro-bliggity black to the point where he looks like a shadow as long as black people and the conscious community pretend like he isn’t accused of violating a 14 year old teenage girl. Members of Brother Polight’s camp state that if black people can pretend R. Kelly didn’t violate a teenage girl, black folks can forgive Brother Polight too.

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