Black Grandmas are Offended by People Calling Chitlins “Booty Noodles”

A recent trend on social media has dubbed the long time classic Southern delicacy of chitlins (chitterlings) by a new nickname, booty noodles.

Chitlins are the intestines of a pig (sometimes cows or other animals) and has been a staple in southern cooking for generations now. This particular cuisine has been extremely popular amongst elderly black grandmothers but now young black people of today are rejecting the cuisine because they do not like the idea of eating the part of an animal used to process food and excrete waste; which is why young people have now nicknamed the cuisine “booty noodles.”

Upon discovering the “booty noodle” nickname, black grandmothers across social began to express their disdain towards younger black people rejecting chitlins and calling this timeless food the name “booty noodles”.

One grandmother, Ruby Johnson, told Knee Grow News, “If my grand babies don’t want to eat these booty noodles I plan on preparing for Thanksgiving, then their black asses are getting disowned!”

After seeing her grandson post about booty noodles on Facebook, Mattie Michael commented by saying, “Booty noodles? If it wasn’t for your granddaddy liking these booty noodles I made, your ungrateful ass wouldn’t have been born.”

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