TI & Tiny Challenge Their Sexual Assault Accusers to a Verzuz Battle to Settle the Dispute

Atlanta, GA — Rapper TI and his wife Tiny have recently been under fire for sexual abuse allegations levied against the couple.

It is reported that upwards of 15 women have come out claiming that TI and Tiny engaged in sex trafficking, drugging and sexual abuse. Of course, TI & Tiny deny any and all claims. Even the superstar rapper TI made an 8 minute video posted to his social media flat out denying any and all allegations.

Sources close to TI & Tiny have reported that they have offered a way to settle the dispute. It is believed that most of the women are women who were once pursuing a record career. Sources are reporting that TI & Tiny are willing to do a Verzuz battle on Instagram playing TI & Tiny’s music up against their accusers and the winner of the Verzuz battle is declared to be telling the truth and all parties move on with their life. Word is, 8 of the accusers have accepted the offer. We’re waiting for further details.

Straight Facts B...sort of
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