Sex Doll Sales Surge Due to Men Fearing Catching Coronavirus From Thots & Side Chicks

Atlanta, GA — Sex doll makers are experiencing a surge in sales due to men fearing relations with women during the coronavirus outbreak.

Men from all over are taking extreme precautions to prevent catching coronavirus to the point where they are ordering sex dolls to serve as sexual companionship. The CDC is advising people to engage in the practice of social distancing which means engaging in the practice of limited sexual activity.

One person name Tyrone Johnson from College Park, Atlanta stated, “I never thought that I would see the day where I would be making love to a sex doll, but that rona is out there doing something serious man. I gots to get mines but I can’t get that rona…so, I’m buying a sex doll.”

Another gentleman named Jaquavios Henderson stared, “Shiid, I love me shawties with big ole booties but not enough to get that rona ya feel me. I just got a sex doll called Big Booty Brenda…shiid, ya boy bout to be skraight ya heard me.”

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