Joe Biden Plans to Host an IG Live Singing Gap Band Songs to Win Back Black Voters

Washington, DC — Former Vice President Joe Biden is going all out to apologize to the black community over his recent comments where he essentially told black people they’re not black if they don’t vote for him.

Social media has been on fire every since his infamous interview with Charlamagne of The Breakfast Club. Black people all over social media have been expressing their disdain & a lot choosing to either vote for President Trump or simply not vote at all.

In an effort to win black support back, Joe Biden recently stated, “Nobody knows black people better than me. I used to work for a black man, although he was half white. I have some Gap Band albums in my collection & I can do a really mean “You Dropped a Bomb On Me” karaoke. But most importantly, I wrote the 1994 Crime Bill to lock a bunch of black men & women up so that I could help these people become better more productive citizens. I know black people! I’m down with the struggle!”

At this current time it remains to be seen as to whether or not the black community will still support him due to the black community’s strong disdain over Donald Trump. Right now, the Biden campaign is supposedly setting up an Instagram Live where Joe Biden will sing all of his favorite Gap Band songs to help ease things over with his loyal base of older black voters.

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