Washington Redskins Contemplating Name Change to the D.C. Foreskins

Washingto, DC — The Washington Redskins have recently announced a name change to the franchise due to social justice warrior pressures claiming the name “Redskins” is essentially racist.

Management for the Washington Redskins are tossing around a few names from Redtails to Feathers to Foreskins. A senior official for the team stated that more than likely the name change will become the D.C. Foreskins.

When asked why the D.C. Foreskins, this senior official stated, “Well, we feel that the D.C. Foreskins embodies the true essence of our team. A bunch of big muscular predominately black dudes running around dropping D off in mostly white chicks all willy nilly when they’re not on the field.”

Straight Facts B...sort of
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