Dope Boys Want to be Thanked for Their Services on Thanksgiving Too

Detroit, MI — Local drug dealers want people to take some time this Thanksgiving to give thanks to all those that put in hard work & selfless service hugging the block to sell dope.

Kenny Wangler, better known as Bricks, has been pushing packages faithfully for the last 5 years rain, sleet or snow in order to get that money. Now as families begin to come together & celebrate this holiday season & give thanks to the services of professions like policemen, firefighters & the military, Bricks wants people to acknowledge his sacrifices as well.

Bricks stated, “I’m out here hugging the block, serving the fiends, trying not to get shot or arrested all so that I can get enough money to pose on Instagram holding a money phone…oh & occasionally buy diapers so my baby mama stops nagging me.”

Bricks continued, “Look, we out here taking penitentiary chances. All I’m saying is, when y’all get to saying your prayers & what y’all are thankful for, give a shout out to your local dope boy who’s out there grinding. That’s all I’m saying.”

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