Pro-Blacks Support White Businesses on Black Friday

Atlanta, GA — A business owner in Atlanta who proudly boasts that he is a “black owned business” received very little support on Black Friday.

Business owner Hakeem Gooding who owns Blaq-mart was shocked when he didn’t see a line wrapped around the corner full of customers waiting for him to open his store on Black Friday.

Blaq-mart sells incense, homemade soaps & butters, t-shirts, VCR & DVD players, off brand sodas & cereals, bootleg Hidden Colors DVDs and other random items you can find at a flea market. Blaq-mart had advertised its Black Friday sale all week hoping to get support of black people who were tired of giving their money to the oppressor every Black Friday. Turns out, no matter how pro-black one claims to be, when Walmart is selling 50 inch flat screens for $100, all of a sudden the white man’s oppression isn’t that bad.

When asked about not receiving support, Hakeem Gooding stated, “How are we ever gonna get free if we give all of our money to the white man? It’s a damn shame your own people won’t support you. Walmart ain’t doing nothing for you. Blaq-mart is for the people!”

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