Joe Biden Promises to Pay for a Years Worth of Lap Dances for Black Men Who Have Yet to Get Vaccinated

Washington, DC — In an effort to convince black men in America to get their COVID-19 vaccine shots, the Biden administration is offering to pay for a full year worth of free lap dances at strip clubs for black men who have yet to be vaccinated.

Recently the President made an announcement that he is calling on 1000 barbershop owners to encourage black men to get vaccinated & is even trying to have brothas get vaccinated on the spot as they are getting a fresh cut. Now in an effort to entice more black men to take the vaccine seriously, President Biden is offering brothas free lap dances for a year at their preferred strip club if they get vaccinated.

Representatives from the Biden administration stated, “There are two places in America that brothas feel safe & welcome…the barbershop & the titty bar. We want brothas to get a fresh cut & line up in addition to getting vaccinated. For the brothas that don’t want to mix their haircuts with vaccine shots, we are offering a years worth of ass & titties in their face, for free on the government’s dime, in exchange for the vaccine shot. Seems like a good deal. Who doesn’t like free ass & titties in their face.”

More details on “Operation: Vax ‘n Ass” is scheduled to be released later this week.

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