Joe Biden Tells Young Jeezy That His President is Still Black

In a desperate effort to rejuvenate his Presidential campaign, former Vice President Joe Biden decided that it was finally time to make amends for his role in the 1994 Crime Bill which unfortunately locked tens of thousands of black people up for non-violent drug offenses. To win the good graces of the black community, Vice President Joe Biden decided to reach out to one of the pillars of the black community in Atlanta, GA by the name of Jay Wayne Jenkins, professionally known as Young Jeezy or Jeezy. Young Jeezy is a professional rapper from Atlanta who has made numerous albums talking about the struggles of being from the ghetto and participating in activities that Joe Biden’s 1994 Crime Bill could have landed him in prison for all of eternity.

Former Vice President Joe Biden recognizing that writing a law that locked up countless black men and women over non-violent drug offenses finally came back to bite him in the behind, Joe Biden turned to Young Jeezy to see if he could make amends with the black community by petitioning fast food chain Popeyes to give away free chicken sandwiches to black people during the month of February. Young Jeezy initially appeared to be shocked at such a proposal, but stated that he would think it over leading people to believe that Young Jeezy is possibly considering how he can turn this proposal into some type of future political opportunity.

A few people in the audience appeared to be worried that offering to give free chicken sandwiches away to black people during Black History Month might come off as a tab bit racist, but VP Joe Biden confidently stated

“My President is black, my lambo too and I be god damn if my rims ain’t too.”

After a bit of laughter, Young Jeezy let out a loud YEEAAHHHH!

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