Andrew Yang Says MSNBC Employees Will Not Get UBI

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang recently took to Twitter to express his disdain with MSNBC in regards to how the cable network has been treating his candidacy. Andrew Yang stated on Twitter that MSNBC asked Yang to appear on one of their weekend shows, but Andrew Yang stated that the only way he would make the appearance is if the network does a formal on-air apology for how they have been simply flat out ignoring his candidacy.

At a recent rally held in Atlanta, Presidential candidate Andrew Yang stated to his crowd of supporters known as the Yang Gang that if MSNBC did not offer a sincere on-air apology for how the network has appeared to be going out its way to ignore his campaign and candidacy, Andrew Yang vowed that if elected President, all employees who work for MSNBC will be automatically disqualified from receiving uiversal basic income (UBI), or as he likes to call it…the Freedom Dividend. Thanks to his friends that work in tech, Andrew Yang is confident that he can get access to each and every name of MSNBC’s employees.

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