DNC Promotes Billy Porter as Official Leader of the Pro-Black Movement

Milwaukee, WI — Highly flamboyant gay actor Billy Porter recently performed at the Democratic National Convention in order to celebrate Joe Biden being the Democratic Presidential nominee.

While performing a song titled “For What It’s Worth”, Billy Porter had images of a red, black & green American flag behind him. The RBG American flag is an unofficial flag that represents the ideals of Pro-Blackness & Black Liberation. The irony is, people who subscribe to pro-blackness & black liberation tend to be very homophobic.

We’re told that reps from Joe Biden’s campaign approved of Billy Porter performing in front of the RBG flag because they want Billy Porter to become the official face of black liberation & what it means to be pro-black in America. We’re also told that the conscious community is in full support.

Straight Facts B...sort of
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