Kyle Rittenhouse Offers Marksmanship Classes to Gangs in Chicago to Help Them Avoid Killing Innocent People

Chicago, IL — Kyle Rittenhouse is offering free marksmanship classes for Chicago gangs to help reduce the number of innocent victims in Chicago who get shot by stray bullets.

In an effort to return to a normal life & bring positivity to his name, Kyle Rittenhouse is supposedly offering free marksmanship classes to gang members in Chicago to teach them proper weapons training & weapons safety in an effort to encourage gang members to be more disciplined with busting their guns.

Kyle Rittenhouse was recently acquitted on all charges of killing 3 white BLM protesters in Kenosha, WI. During his trial, evidence was displayed that showed Kyle’s marksmanship skills which allowed for him to effectively take down threats in the midst of chaos without causing harm or injury to innocent bystanders. Due to Kyle being found innocent in the court of law but guilty in the court of public opinion, people close to Kyle state that he’s probably going to have a very difficult time trying to gain meaningful honest employment.

Others close to Kyle suggested that he could win the graces of the public, especially that of black people & earn an honest living by putting his weapons training skills to use to help bring awareness to the dangers of violence & senseless loss of life in black community and earn some income at the same time. Essentially, Kyle could be “killing 2 birds with 1 stone”. Making an honest living at doing something he is obviously good at & teaching black people who love busting guns how to aim their weapons properly to avoid killing innocent people.

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