Popular Strip Clubs in Atlanta are Having a Black Friday Sale

Atlanta, GA — Popular strip clubs in Atlanta such as the Blue Flame Lounge, The Cheetah, Clermont Lounge & the Nudie Bar are celebrating Black Friday by offering 50% off on their dancers’ services.

Owner of the Nudie Bar, Ray Gibson, stated that his girls are ecstatic about performing on Black Friday for 50% off. “My girls understand that what they are doing is a civic duty. They understand that after spending a day with family & friends that men (& women) need to just unwind a bit. And what better way to unwind than at the strip club looking at breasts and ass in your face for 50% off?”

When asked about performing for half the price on Black Friday at the Nudie Bar, stripper Erin Grant stated, “Honestly, I’m not too thrilled working for half my pay, but I do understand the value I bring to my customers’ lives every time I get to wiggling & jiggling in front of them. So that makes up for the difference. I just want to please people.”

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