Pro-Blacks are Protesting Thanksgiving But Still Want a Plate

Jacksonville, FL — Pro-blacks are adamantly protesting Thanksgiving again, but are demanding that family members save them a plate.

Local leaders of a pro-Black movement known as Foundational Black Americans (FBA) are encouraging its members to go on a nonstop tirade on social media today posting memes of “the white man” killing Native Americans & enslaving Africans as a form of protest against Thanksgiving.

FBA representative Nariq Tasheed stated, “We ain’t celebrating these honkies holidays! These jive ass suckas have been brainwashing us for far too long! We fighting back all day ya dig!”

When asked about what he plans on eating today, Nariq stated, “Oh I’m still gonna get me a plate ya dig. I’m just not gonna participate in the blessing of the food because I’m on a mission to destroy this honky’s system of white supremacy!”

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