CDC Confirms Everybody Who Participated in the 1990s Freaknik Has Coronavirus

Atlanta, GA — The CDC has recently confirmed that all participants of the classic 1990s Freaknik have tested positive for coronavirus.

The CDC is recommending people who were born due to their parents procreating during Freaknik go get tested immediately. The unsanitary activities of the 1990s Freaknik events caused thousands of people to become exposed to all types of germs, diseases & viruses which have become perfect breeding grounds for the coronavirus to latch onto.

If you are a person who was born during the years of the 1990s Freaknik & you are unsure if you’re parents were in Atlanta during the Freaknik festivities, the CDC encourages you to look through your parents’ old pictures or do random Freaknik google image searches to find images of your mother & father. If you find an image confirming their attendance, you are highly encouraged to get tested for the coronavirus.

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