Rosario Dawson Comes Out the Closet & Says Cory Booker is Next

Newark, NJ — Actress Rosario Dawson has recently come out of the closet to declare she’s officially an LGBTQ member. She also stated that her boyfriend Cory Booker is expected to come out of the closet next.

When asked about why she’s dating Cory Booker, Rosario stated, “Well, truth be told, we not really together-together. Have you ever seen any pictures of us together being affectionate? No. Our ‘relationship’ was more about optics since he was running for President. Now that he’s not, we can go back to being BFFs again.”

When asked about why Cory is choosing to come out, Rosario stayed, “Well, you know…he’s black. That’s not really a good look for black men coming out of the closet especially one that’s running for President. But, since he dropped out, he’s planning to come out and he & I can just be free to be ourselves.”

Straight Facts B...sort of
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