Black Hebrew Israelites Declaring All Santas to Be Black Men

Washington, DC — Black Hebrew Israelites are planning to protest on the National Mall to declare that the federal government require Santa Claus to be represented by a black man from now on.

Reports are coming out that Black Hebrew Israelites from the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) plan to take to the National Mall in Washington, DC to stage a protest declaring the federal government mandate that all imagery of Santa Claus and all people playing Santa Claus during the holidays and even in movies be nothing but black men.

The reason being is because Santa Claus is based on a historical figure by the name of Nikolaos of Myra who lived from March 6, 270 to December 6, 343 and this person was a person of color. The Black Hebrew Israelites, despite the fact that knowing that Nikolaos of Myra wasn’t even black but Greek, they feel like white people should not be the official face of Santa but instead a black man.

Jamal Al-Rah, a Black Hebrew Israelite, who plans to attend the rally was quoted as saying, “White people have been playing Santa long enough! It’s time for the black man to play Santa because we are the original man and the original givers of gifts to the earth!”

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