Anderson Paak Tells Rapper Goldlink to Prepare to Catch These Hands

Musician Anderson Paak recently took to Instagram to address rapper Goldlink over some comments made about deceased rapper Mac Miller.

Goldlink shared on Instagram some memories he had of Mac Miller but many took his recollections as pure disrespect. Basically Goldlink’s post came off as Goldlink accusing Mac Miller of being a culture vulture who stole from black artist & never gave credit where credit was due.

Upon seeing this, Anderson Paak responded in a lengthy post of his own basically saying Goldlink is wack for speaking ill of a deadman.

Before posting his current reply, Anderson Paak had originally posted to Instagram the following,

“Yo son, when I see this nigga Goldlink son, I’m peeling this muthafucka’s cap back blue son. I’m smacking this nigga on site son. Imma smack this nigga right in his Anthony Hamilton nappy ass beard face son. When I see this nigga, on my muvah, it’s going down son!”

Sadly, minutes later Anderson Paak deleted that statement.

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