Instagram to Allow Users to Report Ugly People Abusing Filters

According to reps at Instagram, starting in 2020, Instagram plans to roll out a new feature that will allow users on the platform to report people that abuse their filters in order to try to make themselves look more attractive.

This new feature is a result of a year long study into a bunch of disgruntled guys who are fed up with being disappointed when a woman that they have been following on the platform turns out to look nothing like her filtered version. This study has discovered that the disappointment these guys are facing is directly linked to the feelings of loneliness and despair that is associated with hundreds of thousands of young men who follow the MGTOW philosophy.

An Instagram rep was asked if whether or not the platform would face backlash and the rep is quoted as saying, “Our primary concern is trying to fix these broken men in our society by providing something meaningful through our platform. Women (or men) who have been abusing our filters to make themselves seem more attractive than what they really look like are playing a major role in the social decay of our society by providing endless images of complete falsehoods. It is our job to put a mechanism in place to allow people who abuse our filters to be reported. If a person rings up enough violations from people who have reported them, then the ‘violator’ will be banned from using filters until they post a picture of their natural state that can get at least 20% likes in comparison to their follower count.”

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