Dwayne Wade’s “Daughter” Zaya Inspires Straight Black Men to Confess About Liking Trans Women

Miami, FL — Gabrielle Union recently shared a video clip of his “daughter” Zaya that went viral where Zaya was encouraging people to simply just embrace being who they truly are and do not worry about any negativity from opposing voices.

This message apparently was so awe-inspiring that Facebook & Twitter were flooded with scores of supposed heterosexual black men coming out to applaud Zaya with quite a few of these guys openly stating that they would proudly date a transgender woman.

The reason this is so significant is because it is a long held belief that the black community is considered to be very homophobic. Well it appears Zaya may have changed that perception in a 90 second video clip to where it appears hundreds, if not thousands, of black men are online openly declaring their love & attraction for trans women. Rumor has it, Dwayne Wade, Gabrielle Union & Zaya have been invited to speak at the Foundational Black American Conference this summer hosted by one of the most prominent pro-black voices out there, Tariq Nasheed. We’re told Zaya will be there to further educate so-called pro-blacks on the trans lifestyle and get them to embrace who they may really be deep down inside.

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