Parents Tell Kids to Just Focus on Rap Career b/c Homeschooling is Too Hard

New York, NY — Parents all over the country are facing the reality that homeschooling isn’t as easy as people make it out to be.

One parent named Shanique Jankins has pretty much given up on teaching her daughter. Shanique stated, “Look, my daughter is in the 7th grade learning algebra & shit. I’m just gonna keep it real, I suck at math. I can’t help her. However, I can teach her how to spit a couple bars & record that shit for the Gram so we can get popping out here!”

Jermayne Johnson, 44, stated, “School was a long time ago baby. The hell I look like pretending like I know this shit. I do know how spit bars tho dun. I got a studio setup in my closet & a notebook full of rhymes. I’m bout to get my 15 year old son hot out in these streets. We bout to bring the 90s back kid! Who needs education when we bout to drop the hottest mix tape during this quarantine season!”

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