People Wearing COVID 19 Bandana Face Masks are “G Checking” People for Wearing the Wrong Colors

Los Angeles, CA — The CDC recently stated that due to a lack of face masks to help protect people from contracting the coronavirus, citizens are encouraged to wear bandanas while out in public.

An indirect result of the bandana face masks is that people are starting to “G check” people who are not wearing the right colors & calling people out by asking “what set do you represent?”

Hanna Wilson who lives in the suburbs of Los Angeles reports that she was out doing some grocery shopping while wearing a red bandana when a woman driving a minivan with a soccer sticker on the gas cap rolled up on her quickly in the parking lot wearing a blue bandana yelled at her saying, “You must be in the wrong hood sweetie! We don’t wear that color around here! Now either take it off or get dealt wit!”

Hannah said she was in fear for her life & quickly took off the red bandana & drove home. When she arrived home, she informed her husband Bob who told Hannah that he’s not about to let some mark ass busters run up on his wife & that she needs to strap up & prepare to ride on them fools.

LA County police are encouraging the public to keep the peace & please wear their respective suburb bandana colors to avoid unnecessary confrontation.

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