Black Churches Want Their Congregations to Donate Their Stimulus Checks to the Church’s Building Fund

Birmingham, AL — Pastor Harold Walker of Mt. Sinai First Missionary Baptist Church recently sent out an email to his congregation telling them that their stimulus checks should be applied to the church’s building fund.

Sister Jenkins, an usher for the church, forwarded us a copy of the email.

Greetings everybody. Let the church say Amen.

I am writing you this quick email to inform you of your duty & obligation to the Lord. I know many of you have received your stimulus check or you are currently waiting on it. In times like this, we must do everything we can to ensure we are doing the Lord’s work and one thing the Lord definitely wants done is for our church to collect all of the necessary money to allow for us to finish renovations on the building.

Now is not the time to go crazy buying unnecessary stuff. Nor is it time to start trying to pay off your personal debt. Now is the time to hand those checks over to me so I can ensure we can get the latest pews, the best pulpit chairs, fix the A.C. unit, expand on the daycare center b/c y’all keep having kids, buy me some new robes, & get us some tastier communion wafers.

If you love the Lord and you love your church, you will do the right thing & turn those checks over to your pastor.

May God bless you all.

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