Tevin Campbell Admits “Can We Talk” Song is an Anthem for Stalkers

Los Angeles — Singer Tevin Campbell recently came out to admit that his classic song Can We Talk was written to give stalkers motivation to keep stalking women.

Last night I, I saw you standing
And I started, started pretending
That I knew you, and you knew me too
And just like a roni, you were too shy
But you weren’t the only cause so was I
And I dreamed of you ever since
Now I built up my confidence
Girl next, next time you come my way
I know just what to say

Tevin: “I wanted these lyrics to portray the struggles men have when they are out there secretly watching women who don’t know that they are being watched. I wanted to help guys understand that it is OK to dream about women after a long day of spying on them.”

I started to write you letters
But I wanted to be more clever
I wanted to get down and sweet talk you

Tevin: “It’s a lot of guys out there who constantly watch women and are always trying to think of the perfect thing to say to get these women to know that they exist. But we live in an era of women being easily scared off if you walk up to a woman and let her know you’ve been watching her for days & weeks. So I want to let guys know that it’s OK to write your stalking thoughts out on paper.”

But just like a baby I could not talk
And I tried to come closer, but could not walk
And I think of it every night
Oh I just could not get it right
Oh if we ever come close again
I know what I’ll say then

Tevin: “Finally I wanted to convey to men that it’s OK to keep stalking and it’s OK to get closer and closer with each stalk. I know it can be nerve-wrecking, but you cannot give up on a good stalk. Just keep going until you feel it’s time to make your move. Hopefully, she doesn’t see you.”

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