R. Kelly Identifies as Trans-Age Saying He’s Really 16 Trapped in a 53 Year Old Body

Chicago, IL — R. Kelly’s lawyers recently presented a new defense claim stating that R. Kelly identifies as a 16 year old kid despite him being 53 years old.

In a new defense move, R. Kelly’s lawyers have presented a motion to have all of R. Kelly’s charges dropped due to R. Kelly identifying as a trans-age person. R. Kelly’s lawyers believe the R&B singer is being railroaded by the legal system for failing to acknowledge trans-ageism.

In this new motion, R. Kelly’s lawyers state that R. Kelly’s alleged involvement with underage girls is simply due to R. Kelly never mentally developing past the age of 16 years old & that he truly believes he’s in the same age bracket as his alleged victims. His defense also argues that society’s failure to recognize trans-ageism is resulting in discrimination & unequal treatment in the justice system & that the courts need to re-evaluate its statutes when it comes to relationships with minors.

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