Taliban Promises Black Americans Safe Refuge in Afghanistan to Avoid Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations

Kabul, Afghanistan — Leaders of the Taliban have recently agreed to let black Americans immigrate to Afghanistan to avoid mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations taking place in the United States.

Taliban leader Abdul Qahar Balkhi recently expressed that all black Americans who refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccine for fear of being poisoned like the American government did onto black people during the Tuskegee experiments are welcome to immigrate to Afghanistan.

The Taliban promises to give every black American man who immigrates to Afghanistan 40 acres, a mule, & an Afghan teenage wife that was forcibly taken from her family. Black American women who immigrate over to Afghanistan are also promised to not have to abide by Sharia Law, so as long as they bring a permission slip from a black American male relative stating that they can move to Afghanistan.

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