School Teachers are Creating OnlyFans Accounts to Tutor Adult Learners for Extra Income

New York, NY — Due to coronavirus running rampant across the country combined with the challenges of online teaching, teachers across the country are finding new creative ways to attract new students & generate new sources of income.

Cindy Asher, an elementary school teacher out of Queens, NY stated that, “Time are becoming more stressful these days. We have to worry about catching the rona, we have figure out how to teach virtually; it’s just too much, plus I got bills to pay and a teacher’s salary isn’t cutting it.” Cindy Asher recently opened up an OnlyFans account where she is offering tutoring lessons for a fee of $25/mo to adult learners looking to expand their skillsets.

Cindy Asher stated, “We have a lot of adults who need an education of too to help them get by in this world. I think OnlyFans is a great platform to reach out to these adult learners and still earn some money.”

When asked about if she felt comfortable with utilizing a platform that is known to be a social site where a lot of sex workers earn money, Cindy stated, “I know about that and I have no problem with it. Matter of fact, when I teach, my titties are out too and occasionally I’ll do a lil twerk here and there in the middle of class to keep things interesting.”

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