Study Concludes Black People Prefer Pumpkin Pie Over Sweet Potato Pie

A new study has recently concluded that black Americans overwhelmingly prefer pumpkin pie over sweet potato pie.

Sweet potato pie has long since been a staple in black American culture for generations now, especially during the holiday season. According to a new study conducted by the O’Fahshow survey company, 97% of black people have stated that they prefer pumpkin over sweet potato pie now.

The study was initiated last December & recently concluded earlier this month. The study surveyed 5,236 black American participants by asking them to participate in a blind taste test to see which pie tastes better. 97% decided pumpkin pie tasted better. 95% of the participants also claimed that they would be ditching sweet potato pie in favor of serving pumpkin pie this holiday season.

One participant, Kady Kyle, stated, “I always thought pumpkin pie was a white people thing, so I never cared to try it. However, after this taste test, I’m team pumpkin pie for life!”

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