Study Proves Black Women Fabricate 99% of the Stuff They Complain About Online

Renowned psychologist, Dr. Disbeesh Ly Eng recently published his findings in Psychology Today unequivocally stating that the majority of stuff black women complain about online is totally fabricated.

Dr. Eng has been conducting research for the last 5 years gathering data to determine if there is any merit to all of the complaints black women file online about black men and society in general. Dr. Eng has concluded that most black women simply create social media accounts to vent their frustrations because a lot of them come to a realization that they are just simply noncompetitive in society. So in order to avoid taking an honest assessment of one’s self in the mirror, Dr. Eng states that it is easier for black women to point the finger at any and everybody else in society.

Dr. Eng stated, “Black women have reached a point in society where they have been given way too much freedom to essentially do whatever they want without anybody checking them. And this is taking place because society has allowed black women to run with the belief that they are forever victims, even when it comes to things they directly have power over to control.”

When asked if there is a way to correct this problem before it spirals completely out of control, Dr. Eng replied, “The only thing that can be done is for society to point out all of the foolishness a lot of black women complain about online. Other than that, unless laws are put in place demanding black women be held accountable for the things they can control, like choosing better fathers, pursuing real degrees that society deems as valuable and putting a cease to constantly comparing themselves to white women, then there is really nothing that can be done other than to just simply call them out or ignore them online.”

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