Kids are Complaining About Homeschooling b/c Parents Don’t Know How to Do Any of That Stuff

New York, NY — Due to the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S., schools across the country have been shutdown in order to help combat the spread of the disease. As a result of the shutdown, parents have begun homeschooling their kids, but sadly, the kids aren’t really learning anything.

Homeschooling in the black community has always been an idea pushed to get black kids away from being indoctrinated into the white man’s system to where they only learn about subjects from the white man’s perspective. Well, black parents across the country are faced with the reality of actually having to homeschool their children and unfortunately, things are not going as well as most would have hoped.

Alex & AJ, twins in the 6th grade, stated, “My momma and daddy don’t know shit. They don’t know what a fraction is, what a word problem is…they just don’t know shit. My brother and I are better off teaching ourselves through YouTube than having to rely on our parents.”

12 year old Felicia Robinson stated, “My momma is a great woman, but she’s not about to help me do any of this homework. Why? Because she got her shows to watch on Netflix. Plus, my momma can barely keep up with the bills, how in the hell is she gonna help me with this math when her math calculations for the bills are always off each month. Look, I can’t wait for this virus thing to go away so I can get back around these white people and learn something from somebody who knows what the hell they are talking about.”

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