New Survey Says 94% of Black Men Prefer Becky’s Potato Salad

New York, NY — A shocking new survey has concluded that black men overwhelmingly prefer potato salad prepared by white women.

Over the last 12 months, a survey company called O’Fahshow Surveys has been conducting blind taste tests nationwide to see if whether or not black men truly prefer potato salad prepared by black women or do they truly desire potato salad prepared by white women, but are afraid to admit it publicly for fear of social backlash. Well, the results are in. Out of the 1,985 black male participants, 94% of them overwhelmingly stated that “Becky” prepared a better potato salad. This comes as a shock considering every holiday season, black people go above and beyond to post memes to social media claiming that white women can’t cook.

The survey was conducted in major metropolitan areas with large black populations. In each city, black women & white women were asked to prepare a batch of potato salad for the taste test. In exchange for participating, the women each received $100. Random black males were asked to participate in the blind taste test and surprisingly, the results proved to be the complete opposite of what everybody (especially the black women) were anticipating.

One participant named Maurice Young, after discovering he preferred “Becky’s” potato salad, was quoted as saying, “Y’all black women better tighten up. These Spanish & white hoes are getting very spiffy on y’all. They fuck around and learn how to fry chicken, you hoes is useless.”

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