Don Imus’s Last Words: “Tell Those Nappy Headed Hos I’ll Miss Them”

Long time radio shock jock Don Imus passed away at the age of 79. Don Imus had been a radio broadcaster for nearly 50 years. During the late 2000s Don Imus was fired over the use of a racial slur that stained his reputation for the remainder of his career.

In 2007, Don Imus referred to Rutgers University woman’s basketball team as “nappy headed hos” and “jiggaboos”. That incident made national news and caused Don Imus to be terminated a week later.

Don Imus passed away on Decemeber 27, 2019. Reports are coming in that as Don Imus was on his death bed he reportedly told a close family member, “Tell all of those nappy headed hos that I’m sorry & I’ll miss them and may they go on to have a wonderful life being a jiggaboo.”

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