Coronavirus Causes “Headline-itis” Side Effect in Black People to Where They Can’t Identify Satire

Atlanta, GA — The CDC just announced that a major side effect of coronavirus that affects primarily black people is that the virus is prohibiting black people from discerning between real news & satirical/fictional news.

The Knee Grow News publication has been identified as a site to where black people who have been exposed to the coronavirus are suffering from headline-itis to where they don’t have the mental energy to click the About button at the very top of the page to read the description for the Knee Grow News. The CDC states that the coronavirus is causing black people to only read headlines and run purely off of emotions instead of doing less than 10 seconds worth of investigation work to see that Knee Grow News is a satire site.

The CDC further states that in order to slow down headline-itis, they are recommending that black people put their smartphones away and log off of social media and do something more constructive with their lives like, read books or play with their children for a period of 1 to 2 weeks until the effects of headline-itis wears off and they can go back to living a normal life with all of their cognitive abilities.

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