Coronavirus Quarantine Forces Millions of Black Women to Survive w/o Weave Bundles

Atlanta, GA — Coronavirus quarantines all across the country have forced many people to have to go without & just get by on the bare necessities.

One group that is really being impacted by the quarantine are black women who are accustomed to spending hundreds (if not thousands) on hair weave & extension products religiously. Due to the quarantine, these women are finding themselves stuck at home having to look at their natural hair in the mirror & find something creative to do with it.

La’Quisha Rollins stated, “I’m so used to stepping out & getting my bundles so I can flex on these hoes, now, things done changed. I haven’t been able to get a bundle in 2 weeks! My head is looking like a hot mess! I need my bundles damn it! I can’t be out here looking like the rest of these bald head hoes!”

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