Lil’ Fizz, J-Boog & Raz-B Announce The “Chitlin Circuit Tour”

Lil’Fizz, J-Boog & Raz-B recently made a bold move of deciding to go on tour without Omarion due to personal issues stemming between Omarion, Lil’ Fizz & Omarion’s baby mother.

The trio decided that it was in B2K’s best interest to remove Omarion from the group & create a brand new tour without him citing that Omarion really didn’t bring any talent to the group other than just to be a piece of eye candy to the ladies.

The trio just released a schedule of where they will be performing the Chitlin Tour:

– Dec 1, 2019: Fat Pat’s BBQ Shack in Los Angeles, CA

– Dec 15, 2019: Earl’s Cigar & Rims store in Chattanooga, TN

– Jan 2, 2020: Bonquisha’s House of Hair in Memphis, TN

– Jan 10, 2020: Mud Ducks Liquor Lounge in Jackson, MS

Tickets are scheduled to be released on the official “B2K Minus 1” website by this Friday.

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