Rapper T.I. Goes on Red Table Talk to Show Off His New Big Words

Rapper T.I. was recently featured on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Facebook show called Red Table Talk to discuss an unnecessary issue that he caused to go viral: his daughter’s virginity, more affectionately known as Hymen-Gate.

What was supposed to be a topic about fatherhood, sexual relations, boundaries, & misogyny was quickly discovered to be a showcase for T.I. to display to the entire world all of the new big words he recently learned.

When asked about why he felt it was appropriate to have his daughter’s hymen checked once a year to verify if she was still a virgin, T.I. responded by saying,

“The avant-garde boondoggle of the precedence I’m trying to set in an era of cacophony dichotomy is to demonstrate that the equanimity of fastidious malaise is attainable.”

When pressed about why he felt the need to inform the entire world on something so personal about his daughter, T.I. responded by saying,

“The ostentatious of the nouveau-riche is infinitesimal when people understand the fastidious dilettante of a fait accompli.”

When asked about why he lets his sons engage in sexual activities but not his daughter, T.I. responded by saying,

“It’s not about the gasconading or the nidificate, it’s about parsimonious punctilious that thereby makes it acceptable for my son to engage in querulous.”

T.I.’s wife Tiny was at the interview as well, when asked how she feels about the whole situation, Tiny responded by saying,

“Tip know what he talmbout. We rich, we living good, we eating good shawty. That’s that.”

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