R. Kelly Has Allegedly Been Singing Lullabies to Fellow Inmates

R&B superstar now turned alleged sexual offender R. Kelly has had one helluva of year, and not in a good way. From the time the Surviving R. Kelly documentary debuted back in January, R. Kelly’s life has pretty much went completely down the drain. He’s in jail, he’s broke, he can’t read, and now one of his alleged “sex slaves” appears to be turning on him. The way things are looking, R. Kelly is probably going to be locked in jail for a very long time.

Despite how far R. Kelly has fallen, it appears that the one thing that brought him so much fame & fortune is probably the one thing preventing himself from following the path of Jeffrey Epstein…and that would be his voice. Regardless of how you feel about R. Kelly, one thing that cannot be denied is that the man is a true singer in every since of the word. And according to some inmates in the same correctional facility as R. Kelly, word on the cell block is that R. Kelly has been spending his time singing lullabies to his fellow inmates. Knee Grow News recently spoke with a woman named Ronnie whose baby daddy named Pernell has been locked up in the same facility as R. Kelly. Ronnie has stated that when Pernell is up at night reading, he can hear R. Kelly singing “Hush Little Baby” to his cellmate. Pernell claims that R. Kelly’s singing is so good that Pernell places himself in the fetal position with his blanky over him so he can too can gently fall asleep to the melodious sounds of R. Kelly’s voice. When asked about how she feels about her man falling asleep listening to R. Kelly sing lullabies, Ronnie stated, “I don’t mind. My only concern is what’s going to happen at night if and when R. Kelly starts singing one of his timeless slow jams like Feeling On Your Booty?”

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