BLM Protesters Demand White Jesus Be Replaced with Morgan Freeman

Washington, DC — Black Lives Matter protesters have recently put out a demand that all depictions of white Jesus be replaced with that of beloved actor Morgan Freeman.

Activist Shaun King recently put out a statement denouncing the image of white Jesus because it is not an accurate portrayal of what Jesus Christ more than likely looked like…an Arab-looking man.

Black Lives Matter protesters have taken Shaun King’s position & put together a list of demands with one of the demands being Morgan Freeman becoming the new face of Jesus Christ. They stated that Morgan Freeman’s rendition of playing black God in the movie Bruce Almighty was just too perfect.

Reps for Morgan Freeman stated, “Mr. Freeman is honored that people revere his black God character so much & that he would be honored to be the face of black Jesus.”

It appears that Arab-looking Jesus is being tossed on the back burner for now.

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