Uncle Ruckus Replaces Uncle Ben as New Logo

New York, NY — Due to mounting pressure from facing potential backlash, Mars, Inc., owner of the rice brand Uncle Ben’s, has decided to get rid of the the iconic Uncle Ben logo due to racial overtones associated with the logo. This comes immediately after Quaker Oats decided to replace the Aunt Jemima logo with that of Aunt Viv from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air tv show.

Representatives from Mars, Inc. have stated that they have reached a deal with Boondocks creator, Aaron McGruder to allow for the iconic Uncle Ruckus to become the new face & logo of the popular brand of rice.

Reps have even stated that Uncle Ben’s quote of “Perfect Every Time” is being replaced with a new quote to where Uncle Ruckus will be saying “Don’t Trust That Rice Over There”.

Mars, Inc. is hoping the switch will help to erase any relics of racism so that the country can properly move forward towards a more equal, fair & just society for black people in America.

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