Quaker Oats Company to Replace Aunt Jemima with Aunt Viv

New York, NY — Due to controversy over the racist minstrel stereotype of Aunt Jemima, the Quaker Oats Company (a subsidiary of PepsiCo) has announced that they are looking to make Janet Hubert’s character “Aunt Viv” be the new face of the brand.

In response to #BlackLivesMatter dominating the news as of lately & calling out every racial infraction no matter how small, company’s all over the country are trying to clean up their racist past & remove any relics of racism so that they can keep those almighty black dollars flowing in.

Reps from Quaker Oats stated that they are actively trying to work out a deal with Janet Hubert to make her the face of the brand due to her iconic role on the hit TV show The Fresh Prince where she played Aunt Viv (Vivian Banks) for the first 3 seasons. Due to Janet Hubert being replaced by Daphne Maxwell Reid (light skin Aunt Viv), a lot of people in the black community never got over how Janet Hubert was just abruptly removed from the show.

In order to help bring closure to the trauma of dark skin Aunt Viv (Janet Hubert) being replaced by light skin Aunt Viv, we’re told that Quaker Oats feels it can kill two birds with one stone by bringing dark skin Aunt Viv back to her forefront of greatness & use Aunt Viv to replace & erase the racist Aunt Jemima character so that breakfast can be one less place in society that black people have to be reminded about racism.

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