Trump Threatens to Force Americans to Use MySpace If They Don’t Leave His Tweets Alone

Washington, DC — President Trump recently threatened to “strongly regulate” or even shut down social media platforms after Twitter applied a fact-check to two of his tweets.

President Trump stated, “Republicans feel that social media platforms totally silence conservatives voices. We will strongly regulate, or close them down, before we can ever allow this to happen.”

Trump has been accusing Twitter of “stifling free speech” and now Trump is firing back by threatening to force all social media platforms to be shut down to where Americans are only allowed to use MySpace.

The Social Media Czar for the Trump Administration stated, “We’ve been in talks with Tom from MySpace for about 2 years now on how we can revive the MySpace platform and we believe this is the perfect opportunity to bring the website back. Once we are able to ensure that President Trump has free reign to say what he wants and upload designs and music to his page of his choosing, we will begin legislation to make MySpace the official social media site of the U.S. government where people can express their thoughts unrestricted, so as long as they don’t say anything negative about President Trump. This will be a good thing towards helping to make America great again.”

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