Crips & Bloods Volunteer to Patrol Los Angeles to Make Sure Everybody is Safe During Coronavirus Outbreak

Los Angeles, LA — The governor of California recently just mandated that the entire state is on lockdown & that its 40 million residents are to remain inside of their homes until the coronavirus outbreak is controlled.

To help with ensuring residents are in their homes, infamous Crip & Blood gang members have decided to patrol the streets of Los Angeles to ensure residents are listening to the governor’s mandate. In response to their acts of selflessness, many residents too include business owners have been giving praise to the Crips & Bloods for bringing order & peace to Los Angeles during this crisis.

One resident named James a Winston from South Central stated, “With all of this craziness going on lately, if it wasn’t for the Crips & Bloods, I don’t know what I would do. Not only do they patrol the streets, but overall, they’re just making us feel safe in our communities. Thank you Crips! Thank you Bloods!”

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