Father Who Went to Get a Pack of Cigarettes 20 Years Ago Returns Home to Unite with His Kids Thanks to Coronavirus

Jersey City, NJ — Father who left to get a pack of cigarettes 20 years ago returns home to be with his children during coronavirus outbreak.

Darnell Johnson told his girlfriend & 2 kids that he was going out for a pack of smokes back in 2000; sadly that was the last time his girlfriend or his kids seen him. Well that all has recently changed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Darnell recently returned from the store he went to get some squares from so that he could be with his grown kids during this outbreak. Darnell stated, “Family is everything. That’s all that matters in this world is family. What kind of man would I be to not want to be with my family during this national emergency. My kids need me & I need them, especially since I don’t have anywhere to stay. But regardless, it’s all about family. Be there with your family.”

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