Dr. Sebi’s Mysterious Death Linked to Possible Coronavirus Cure

New York, NY — Famed herbalist Dr. Sebi is believed to have cured coronavirus prior to his death in 2016.

Dr. Sebi was famous for curing AIDS, cancer, and various other diseases by promoting essentially a vegan diet. His research was well respected in the black community to the point where the late rapper Nipsey Hussle planned to do a documentary on Dr. Sebi, but tragically, Nipsey Hussle fell victim to murder. Some believe Nipsey Hussle’s murder was directly related to trying to make a documentary about Dr. Sebi to spread the word about Dr. Sebi’s extraordinary healing powers which potentially could have disrupted the pharmaceutical industry.

Reports have come out claiming that Dr. Sebi actually cured coronavirus a few years before his death. Reports are also claiming that Dr. Sebi’s mysterious death is directly tied to the coronavirus due to his ability to cure all diseases. Even though Dr. Sebi died 4 years prior to the outbreak of coronavirus, it is believed that the coronavirus existed 5 years ago and the government played an instrumental role in Dr. Sebi’s death to prevent the cure from getting out to the population. Five years later, the world is sadly dealing with the effects of the coronavirus outbreak to where close to 100K people have tested positive and over 3,300 people have died from the virus.

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